12/02/2016 - Moonbank


Seattle, Wash., is the home base for our internationally acclaimed company. We create tools for young children and family that offer practical daily interaction with money and the conversations surrounding money management. Financial Institutions, non-profits and corporations are welcome to create their own designs and messaging for a custom Moonjar to fit the community’s needs. Our mission is to reach every family with Save, Spend and Share as a practice to start money conversations that last a lifetime.
  • Standard Moonjar Moneyboxes: Moonjar partners with banks, credit unions, schools and community organizations to offer a hands-on approach to teach early money skills. Our foldable Standard Moonjars can be completely customized. Each Standard Moonjar comes with a parent guide and passbook to keep the conversations growing.
  • Classic Moonjar Moneyboxes: Our tin Moneyboxes are lasting reminders of Save, Spend and Share. These teaching banks are sold in retail locations around the world as well as on line at www.moonjar.com
  • Conversations to Go Money: A takeout box filled with conversation starters to get people of all ages thinking and talking about how money issues are individual and based on personal choices.
  • ABCs of Money and How the Moonjar was Made: Books for young readers and families to explore entrepreneurship. These books touch on economic differences, business growth plans, the need for community involvement and basic budgeting all while offering engaging characters to connect the concepts. 
  • Moonjar Leader’s Lesson Plan and Curriculum: Moonjar created a scripted lesson plan that is used internationally (has been translated into Spanish and Arabic), and is available for any classroom volunteer. It is a successful tool for students in elementary school to high school. We believe top down bottom up learning is a great way to share experience early financial lessons. Our curriculum is broken up for kindergarten and first grade, second and third, and fourth and fifth grade. Each curricula is three lessons each 45 minutes in length. The lessons align with national math standards and work well in a math or life skills classroom.

We continue to look for partnership and sales (www.moonjar.com) so that we can get our tools into the hands of young families across all economic borders. 
In our 15th year, as a healthy youth financial literacy company, Moonjar LLC is actively seeking purchase. Ideally we would like to be folded into a larger company that wants to continue our efforts in youth financial literacy and retail/edutainment.
Our products are all listed in the Jump$tart Clearinghouse.
Mary Karges
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