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Minneapolis-based U.S. Bancorp (NYSE: USB), with $454 billion in assets as of Sept. 30, 2016, is the parent company of U.S. Bank National Association, the fifth-largest commercial bank in the United States. The company operates 3,114 banking offices in 25 states and 4,875 ATMs and provides a comprehensive line of banking, investment, mortgage, trust and payment services products to consumers, businesses and institutions.

U.S. Bank supports a range of financial literacy programs for youth, students, adults, seniors, military members and small businesses. 

  • Community Possible Relay: When U.S. Bank introduced its new brand message, “The Power of Possible,” it also launched its refined corporate social responsibility platform under the label “Community Possible.” The CSR platform is based on three concepts: Work, Home and Play. The appealing idea is that possibility resides in all these building blocks: a stable job, a home to call your own and a community connected through culture, recreation and play.

    To launch the platform, engage employees and build the bank’s reputation for its strong local presence, communicators came up with an exciting idea: A three-month-long bus relay.

    A coach bus wrapped in #CommunityPossible branding traveled to 38 cities in 25 states (a total of 13,485 miles), in each city passing the “baton” to a group of local employees who participated in volunteer events supporting one of the three pillars. The goal was ambitious: Log 153,000 hours of employee volunteer time—1,000 hours for each year since the bank’s founding.

    U.S. Bank knows that financial education is essential in building healthy money habits for life. Among the volunteer activities representing the platform’s components were financial education workshops for all ages including a course titled, Budgeting on the Bus.

    During the relay, U.S Bank partnered with College Track, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering students from underserved communities to graduate from college, to host a financial literacy class on the Community Possible bus. Several U.S. Bank employee volunteers brought the high school students on board to host a course around budgeting. Budgeting on the Bus also served as an open forum for students to ask questions around financial education.

    Budgeting on the Bus was one of the various financial literacy events conducted throughout the three-month journey across the country that served more than 177,000 individuals and inspired more than 153,000 volunteers.

  • Financial Genius: Financial Genius, a consumer education site powered by U.S. Bank provides unbiased educational content to help build positive financial behavior for customers and non-customers alike. Financial education is a key to self-sufficiency and peace of mind. U.S. Bank offers tools and resources to help empower individuals to make informed financial decisions and create brighter futures for themselves and their family.

    The website offers the following:
    • Provides customers with a hub for all U.S. Bank educational content through the following categories: Education, Programs, Library and Events.
    • Invites users to participate in interactive online learning modules and U.S. Bank offline educational programs and workshops.
    • Includes eight downloadable workbooks covering subject matters such as Banking Basics 101, Budget Zone, Conquering Credit, Identity Theft, Loan Lessons, Military Financial Education, Financial Smarts for Seniors and Banking Basics 101 for International Students.
At U.S. Bank, we invest our time, resources and passion to build and support vibrant communities that allow every person to work toward their possible. U.S Bank sees financial literacy not just as mission critical for individuals, but a major cornerstone for building healthy communities and economies. We are looking to increase awareness and the distribution of our initiatives and resources.
  • Student Union: As part of the bank’s commitment to financial education, U.S. Bank created the “Student Union” to empower students by providing engaging tools, events, peer-to-peer feedback and resources that are critical to building financial literacy in a fun and positive environment. The site is also meant to help students and parents engage in discussions about finances and money management, including the importance of credit and significance of credit scores.

    For a limited time, U.S. Bank Student Union is providing all students access to CreditView from TransUnion, which provides credit score and outstanding balances, along with an interactive simulator that allows users to enter hypothetical changes – such as paying down a credit card or taking out a car loan – to demonstrate what may happen to their score. The service is available to all U.S. Bank online banking customers and any student (including non-customers) who signs up through the Student Union website.  

    This year, the Student Union will be even more robust with additional scholarship opportunities, social media engagement and more resources for students.

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