10/24/2014 - Jump$tart Teacher Training Alliance

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The Jump$tart Teacher Training Alliance (J$TTA) is a collaborative endeavor designed to standardize teacher training in personal finance through a shared model called Jump$tart Financial Foundations, which will ensure consistency and rigor in teacher training programs across the country. The J$TTA is administered by the Jump$tart Coalition on behalf of its partners and affiliates.

The five founding members of the alliance—Council for Economic Education, Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, Junior Achievement USA, National Endowment for Financial Education, and Take Charge America Institute at the University of Arizona—developed the model with valuable insight from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, the U.S. Department of the Treasury, and the U.S. Department of Education. After three years of pilot testing and research, the model was publicly launched in 2013, and is now available at no cost to qualified users committed to supporting financial education through professional development for teachers.

The Jump$tart Financial Foundations Model:

  • Is licensed, at no cost, to qualified users. We suggest five questions that an organization should ask/answered before applying for a license to conduct this model.
  • Helps local organizations conduct professional development programs for teachers in their area.   Programs based on this model will include a minimum of 18 instruction hours; typically, in a three- to five-day format.
  • Focuses on teachers as learners and as consumers. The model emphasizes participants’ understanding of personal finance concepts, rather than on learning to teach curriculum or programs. The goal is to raise teachers’ own level of financial literacy—thus improving their confidence in teaching financial content.
  • Complements many existing teacher training programs and conferences offered by Jump$tart partners, affiliates, and others. Teachers with a better understanding of financial concepts will be more likely and better able to utilitze the many programs and resources already availalbe.
  • Is suitable for teachers at any grade level, regardless of the subject into which the teacher incorporates financial education.
  • Promotes both consistency and customization. Licensed users of the model agree to adhere to the content and delivery aspects of the model, precisely. However, users may conduct training under their own brands and are encouraged to customize elements of the event.

The J$TTA is looking for qualified organizations to conduct teacher training using the Jump$tart Financial Foundations Model. Organizations interested in conducting comprehensive teacher training in personal finance should visit the J$TTA web page for additional details and examples.

The J$TTA is also interested in hearing from corporate entities, foundations, and others willing to fund teacher training events that use this model. If your organization is interested in supporting these teacher training events, please contact Dan Hebert.

Training events in South Dakota and Pennsylvania have taken a new approach to application of the JumpStart Financial Foundations Model, to deliver training entirely as a distance learning programs. Additional in-person trainings are scheduled in North Carolina, Minnesota, and Ohio in 2015. Details are available in the Coming Events section of the J$TTA web page.

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has joined the group of government entities supporting the model, offering valuable insight to the J$TTA national advisory committee.

Dan Hebert
Director of Professional Development
Jump$tart Coalition                                    
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