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Our foundation tackles the gaping hole in virtually all other financial literacy resources; we teach healthy skepticism.

FoolProof teaches consumers to question anyone or any company that wants to touch their money or their financial welfare. The Mantra: Use Caution. Question sellers. Rely on research.

Our mantra was developed by Walter Cronkite, who sparked the founding of FoolProof in 2002. Cronkite remained involved in FoolProof’s development for the remainder of his active life. The Mantra: Use Caution. Question sellers. Rely on research.

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  • A free web-driven financial literacy curriculum for middle and high school teachers. During 2014 school year, there were more than 27 million page views of the FoolProof curriculum. FoolProof remains the only financial literacy curriculum in the United States endorsed by both the National Association of Consumer Advocates and the Consumer Federation of America. Teachers and consumer advocates shaped our curriculum – not marketers.
  • A free web-driven financial literacy tutorial for college-age young people. FoolProof “Solo” is designed for use by colleges, universities and individuals searching for financial knowledge. www.foolproofsolo.com
  • Free, in-depth consumer guides and breaking consumer news items for adults. FoolProofMe offers thoroughly researched consumer tutorials on event-driven financial issues, like buying a vehicle, and breaking consumer news issues, such as the latest consumer scams. Our guides and news stories don’t mince words, and never promote any program, product or service. www.foolproofme.com


We’d like your help getting our middle and high school curriculum in front of more teachers and school systems!

Educators tell us constantly that FoolProof teaches kids “what they really need to know.”

When teachers learn about FoolProof, they use it.  In our test state of Oklahoma, entire school systems require students to complete our curriculum before graduation. www.cronkiteproject.org


  • More labor-saving tools for teachers.  
  • Dozens of new videos in our school curriculums.
  • Automated pre and post testing.
  • New supplemental resources for class projects and homework.


FoolProof resources can be found at http://clearinghouse.jumpstart.org/resource/920/


Drew Guthrie
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