09/23/2016 - SmartPath


The Economics Center at the University of Cincinnati (www.economicscenter.org) is a nonprofit organization affiliated with the University of Cincinnati. The Economics Center provides economic and financial education in the K-12 space with both direct-to-student programming and teacher training. We also conduct community-based research, including program evaluation, benefit/cost analyses, and workforce development studies.

$martPath Digital Platform: $martPath is an engaging, interactive and easy-to-use way for teachers in grades 1-6 to integrate economic and financial education in their classrooms. This resource is unique in several ways:
  • It is very flexible. Once logged in, teachers have access to all 6 grades, so curriculum can be tailored to classroom needs, including for teachers of gifted students and special needs students.
  • Economics and financial education is specifically integrated into core academic subjects, particularly math.
  • Assessment is embedded in the platform, so teachers can easily keep track of and report student gains by standard.
  • Many learning modalities are covered, making it a rich pedagogical experience.
  • Each grade has an overarching story line which keeps students (and teachers) entertained and engaged.
  • Although it is an online resource, it was designed to be delivered and led by a classroom teacher—technology is complement to, not a substitute for teacher time.
  • Each lesson contains animated videos, interactives (e.g., drag-and-drops), class discussion opportunities, and in-class activities. This mix of presentation keeps students interested and provides for the widest array of learners.
  • It is available at no cost to teachers.
To access $martPath, go to www.smartpath.online, then click “Launch Portal,” fill out the registration form and follow the instructions to the website.
$martPath was developed through a $1 million donation to the Economics Center, making it possible for us to provide it to elementary teachers at no cost. We simply want as many teachers as possible using this resource to meet the objective established by the donor—to provide economic and financial education to as many students as possible.
  • Awards: $martPath was named the 2016 Children’s Program of the Year by the Institute for Financial Education. $martPath also received the Platinum Award from the National Association of Economic Educators, the highest curriculum award bestowed by this organization, receiving a perfect score.
  • Smart Ohio: Smart Ohio is a statewide teacher training program, funded by the Ohio state legislature. It consists of teacher training, curriculum, and assessment. The curriculum to be used in the Smart Ohio program is $martPath. In the 2016-17 academic year, 500 elementary teachers will be trained on the platform, making Ohio smart!
Dr. Julie Heath
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