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The Society for Financial Education and Professional Development, Inc. (SFE&PD) is a leading financial literacy and professional development organization in the United States. For nearly 20 years, we have spearheaded successful national financial education initiatives in communities across the country and won national awards for our leadership efforts. We are a nonprofit on a mission to enhance financial and economic literacy in the United States.

Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference
SFE&PD hosts an annual professional development conference to bring financial literacy advocates, educators and professionals in the financial education sector together to network, and develop new strategies to increase the financial literacy of Americans nationwide.
Financial Education in the Workplace
SFE&PD provides customized financial education workshops and seminars in the workplace for corporate, government and nonprofit organizations. The courses offered are designed to increase the financial knowledge of attendees and help them make informed financial decisions to ensure financial growth. SFE&PD is listed on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule.
“Mind Over Money Skills” Financial Education Workshops
For 16 years, we have taught successful financial literacy seminars to more than 230,000 college and university students at 70 institutions. The “Mind Over Money Skills” seminars teach college students important strategies of personal financial management vital to their long-term financial empowerment. Each workshop/seminar is culturally relevant and focuses on topics and issues students face in everyday life. Teaching money management skills to young adults is a top SFE&PD priority.
Community Seminars and Workshops
SFE&PD offers face-to-face personal financial education seminars and workshops to low-to-moderate individuals of all ages who live in communities in targeted states. Individuals who attend the seminars and workshops learn key practical personal financial management concepts to improve their long-term financial well being.
Financial Success Quarterly Newsletter
The quarterly newsletter provides articles with important tips on financial planning, from establishing financial goals and following new economic trends to advice on retirement planning and investments. The newsletter is accessible on our website —www.sfepd.org

As one of the nation’s premier financial literacy and professional development organizations, we are seeking corporate partners to expand our reach with the “Mind Over Money Skills” financial education programs for underserved groups at colleges and universities nationwide. SFE&PD is also seeking additional long-term sponsors for our top-ranked Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference.
  • National Conference: SFE&PD hosts its Ninth Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference Oct. 17-18 in Atlanta. This year’s conference, focused on “Financial Literacy: What’s Trending?” will be held at the Omni Hotel CNN Center in Atlanta. Renowned financial education experts, top researchers, and senior government officials will join us to discuss the latest trends in financial literacy. Conference attendees will leave with actionable steps to increase the effectiveness of their financial literacy programs and personal finances. For more conference information, visit www.sfepd.org.
  • Newspaper column: SFE&PD President/ CEO Theodore Daniels is quoted as an expert source in Rodney Brooks’ financial column in the Washington Post, “Good references are key in the search for a financial adviser.”
  • New book: Theodore Daniels recently co-authored a book, Financial Literacy Education: Addressing Students, Business, and Government Needs.
  • Student Ambassador Program for Financial Literacy Project: Under this new pilot program, SFE&PD will provide on-site training to college student ambassadors on personal money management concepts, credit, student loan management, public relations and marketing techniques, and effective advocacy outreach. After their training, the student ambassadors will: provide peer-to-peer advising/counseling; make financial resources available, conduct one-on-one financial counseling and plan campus-wide financial literacy events.

Theodore R. Daniels
President and CEO
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Una Daniels-Edwards
Vice President, Program Management
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Ted Daniels at Jackson State University after presenting a SFE&PD "Mind Over Money Skills" financial education seminar to students and faculty.

Participants at the 2015 Annual Financial Literacy Leadership Conference.