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The Actuarial Foundation

The Actuarial Foundation mission is to enhance math education and financial literacy through the talents and resources of actuaries, and its vision is an educated public in pursuit of a secure financial future. The Actuarial Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization, was established in 1994 to help actuaries apply their special skills to serve the public interest. To achieve its mission, the Foundation develops various supplemental math resources for students in grades 4-12. All of these educational materials are free and distributed to U.S. teachers in both print and digital versions.  
All of the Foundation’s math and financial literacy materials for students can be found online.   
The Foundation offers unique, hands-on, engaging mathematic and financial literacy curriculum resources for grades 4-12. Teachers can use these free resources as an enhancement to their math curriculum.
Plan, Save, Succeed! is just one in a series of free math resources developed by the Foundation with well-known publisher Scholastic. In it, students follow 14-year old twins Jason and Amy as they use key financial literacy topics such as budgeting, income, saving and credit to purchase a used car when they turn 16.The lessons include an online game that challenges students to apply what they have learned.
Building Your Future, recognized by the Institute for Financial Literacy, is a hands-on and relevant high-school financial literacy curriculum resource designed to help teens master the elements of personal finance and to prepare them for life on their own. All of the Building Your Future books are classroom ready with a Teacher's Guide including handouts, answer keys, instruction and assessment suggestions, definitions and resources that align with National Council of Teacher of Mathematics and National Standards in K-12 Personal Finance Education published by the Jump$tart Coalition
The Foundation’s goal is to promote the availability of its math and financial curriculum resources to every U.S. teacher.  We seek strategic partners to help us in our outreach efforts to teachers, students and parents to provide them with our materials. We would also like the help of strategic partners to expand our existing math education/financial literacy programs and/or collaborate on new programs.
The Building Your Future series helps students easily grasp the essentials of personal finance, gives them multiple opportunities to practice core skills and showcases the real-world impact of the financial decisions they make. The newest book in the series, Succeeding, focuses on the important decisions students make early on in their adult lives such as paying for college, choosing a career and making a living. The series was recently updated to address developing trends like the use of smart phones in banking, the increasing risk of identity theft and to reflect the current tax and interest rate environment.  


Building Your Future,  which is a set of four booklets that cover banking, financing, investing and succeeding. 
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